About My Portfolio

This portfolio is a record of my growth as a student in the Minor in Writing Gateway Class; a written testimony to my personal evolution and the evolution of the way I define my chosen label: writer. Prior to enrolling in this course, I defined a “writer” as someone who writes stories; whether they are fiction or nonfiction, short or long, funny or serious, simplistic or pretentious. After my experience as a cohort in Writing 220, however, I realized that my definition lacked many of the most important characteristics of writers. Incorporating what I learned this semester, I rethought and altered my definition. A writer creates experiences and records their ripples. A writer scribes thoughts and emotions to paper: whether these thoughts are original or based on another’s is irrelevant. A writer takes an encounter, a desire, or a feeling, and translates it with words. A writer snatches an idea out of her head and shapes its contours with sentences. A writer is a catalyst, a translator, and a machine. I am a writer, and throughout this portfolio you will find examples of the work I have done as a writer in the Writing Minor.

Why I Write, Repurposed, Remediated, and Writing New Media are all projects that I completed in Writing 220. Under Other Writing, you will find a few examples of my other pieces. These include essays written for English 290, Monsters, Ghosts, and Devils: Stories that Scare Us, LHSP 125, Writing in Film, and LHSP 230, Books with Pictures. Under Blog you will find the posts that I authored on the Sweetland Minor in Writing Blog.

Under each header you will find an introduction to each project as well as drafts and completed versions of every assignment.